Industrial piercing

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As you might have seen when you walk through town that there is always construction going on. Industrial work often requires scaffolding and other forms of bracing or safety rails which is all a part of the construction process. An industrial piercing is one that in a sense resembles the scaffolding of the building site because it bridges the gap between two set points. Usually in the shape of a rod or straight piece of metal this industrial ear piercing jewelry goes through one point at the top of the ear and then through another point somewhere else on the ear. It looks like there is a small little bridge that crosses from one end of your ear to the other.

The straight barbell is the most common type of industrial piercing however there are many more versions than just this one. You can get a type rope affect with a chain type earring or you can put a big loop that meets at two different places. Industrial piecing have become very popular lately not only with just the girls but for an alternative for the guys. Now that there are many different varieties of piercing such as ear, nose, bellybutton and even genital piercing then you can go wild and have several different places to store your jewelry.

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